Smart assistant for kids from 3 to 12 years old

Communicate, Entertain, Learn & Tackle your day...

Differently and without screen


Parents, stay connected with your kids

Thanks to memoo, your children can contact you at anytime of the day...

And you can answer by voice or text message


It's raining? it's cold? Do i have sport today?

Finally a smooth wakeup with my favorite music and colors...

Memoo reminds you the important informations in a funny way and gives somes practical advice.


    Use your own Deezer or Spotify account to create a specific playlist for your kid. Memoo will stream the music in the bedroom.


    Does your kid love listening to stories? Choose together, according to his age and his taste, among a wide catalogue of audio stories from the most specialized editors.


    Memoo has selected the best radios for your kids. No chance of listening to something inapropriate.


    Does he want to listen to daily news? Lean a foreign language? Memoo speaks multiple languages and can teach your kids words or songs in French (soon in Spanish and German)

Amazing features useful for Parents & Kids

  • Communicate

  • Alarm

  • Weather

  • Agenda

  • Stories

  • Music

  • Radio

  • Education

  • Download C-way memoo App

    Works with

  • Always stay connected to your kid

  • Schedule easily all their activities

  • Select together their favorite music

  • Discover each month new incredible stories

Reliable & Secure Technologies

  • Wi-Fi

    Daily Schedule to manage operating period

  • Bluetooth

  • Microphone

    Touch to activate the microphone and send a voice mail

  • Touchpad

    Swipe your finger to change functionality

  • Led

    Led technology to offer an incredible range of color

  • Hypoallergenic

    Matter adapted to kids and shockproof for a daily use

  • Delphine (2017-12-17)

    "Super intuitive, immediately adopted by kids, this Memoo is really great for both children and parents! I did not think it would become so necessary ... thank you C-way !!"

  • Emilie (2018-01-07)

    "Very well thought out and very easy to use. Memoo was quickly adopted by young and old alike. It is very nice to be able to offer a high tech object really thought for children and totally under the control of parents. The child listens to adapted radios, can send a message to his parents, consult the weather or his diary only at times chosen by parents"

  • Aurélie (2017-12-18)

    "The children adopted it after 3 minutes! It's obvious to them, it's now a part of their everyday lives, no matter how old they are (my 3 year old daughter loves to listen to music and change the color, my 4 and a half year old son does not want to get up before his memoo does not ring and falls asleep with a tale, my oldest girl (10 years) sends us messages and manages her schedule. SUPER concept for the whole family with a beautiful design!"

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